Nicholas Bramlage, on a mission to create a better place for us all

Direct democracy (ends corruption and allows total and equal access to government)
End climate change and Equality for all people  
Non-Innovative Big Business Tax (Fixes capitalism by taxing big businesses if they are not making meaningful contributions to society)   

Hi, I’m Nicholas Bramlage and I’m running for Vermont State House - Windsor County 6.  Capitalism is broken, and has paid its way into government (see below for solution).  Love, Connection, Sustainability, and Community are what we need.  We are all suffering.  Many are feeling afraid and confused resulting in a desire for past comfort, but if nothing changes then nothing changes.  Please stay with me for a few minutes.  I am here to offer the people of Hartford my services, in order to build a better future.  Together we can create a government that supports and empowers us, so we do not have to sacrifice our passion in order to survive. We can start with Hartford, then Vermont, then America, then the whole Earth. Together we can take the actions needed to create a loving global community.  I can't do it alone, please come out and vote for direct democracy, Non-innovative big business tax, and all the other progressive positive changes this election. I am honored to give the power back to the people.  Check out the new and revolutionary plans below! 

AI am committed to fixing climate change, capitalism, and creating a more equitable government system. The non-innovative big business tax will tax any large business that is not making meaningful contributions to society. These big businesses will be taxed just like cigarette companies. They will still want their much smaller profits and continue to function, but they will give the majority of their profits back to the people/government to fund the progressive initiatives we have all been dreaming of. People always ask "How will you fund all the ideal progress you speak of...." This is it!!! Big business can either function to give us progress through meaningful innovations that help society or they can give us the tax money to fund the progress ourselves. Direct Democracy via the internet will give us the power to vote on every issue we choose in the government. This will take capitalism and corruption out of the government and allow the people to finally have exactly what they want from the government. Including an easy way to participate via app/website for every human in Hartford, Vermont, and the US. I will build this app/website and will allow every citizen in Hartford to vote on every issue I am voting on at the capital. Once we have created and implemented these bills in Hartford and Vermont, we will push them nationally and globally. ALL OUR VOICES WILL FINALLY BE HEARD!!!

The main questions for representatives this election are "What did you do for your community during the pandemic?", "How do you intend to give every person in our community a true voice in government?" and "How have your actions demonstrated your ability to provide leadership through the inevitable future emergencies created by climate change?" Finally "How do you demonstrate commitment to the values you support in your personal life?"

About Nicholas
The journey...

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Why Nicholas
Where I stand and how I feel about a variety of issues 

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How we made a difference
Serving our community donating nearly 100,000 masks 

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I decided to help out the government when they struggled finding masks. I worked 18 hours a day and 7 days a week in March of 2020 to source, buy, and donate masks.  At a time when masks were urgently needed and nearly impossible to get. I loaded up my vehicle to max capacity, started driving, and gave them to every person/business I could in the Upper Valley. I ended up donating nearly 100,000 by the end of May. 

Then I thought maybe I should take a more active role and help the government support the people permanently. I will be donating most of my government salary to local charities, non-profits, and activist groups that address social justice, homelessness, addiction, and survival/trauma. We can and will create a government that supports and empowers us, so we do not have to sacrifice our passion in order to survive.

Together we can create the changes Hartford, Vermont, and America need while preserving the beautiful inclusive local environment, food, art, music, and farm culture we all love!

As a martial arts instructor:  
(Gracie Brazilian Jiu-jitsu)

I have been training, fighting, and teaching for a long time. I know the importance of preparation and taking action during emergencies and solving problems as they arise.  I know the value of mental, emotional, social, and physical education, some of which are lacking in our public education system. With 40,000 hours and 20 years experience, I do not panic when faced with the unknown, pressure, or fear. I am trained to continue thinking, logically, and taking rational action under any circumstances. Now I am ready to fight to make Hartford, Vermont, and America a better place for all of us. 

As a Social Entrepreneur:
(Martial Arts/ Fitness, Sustainable Textiles, Children's Books) 

I have created multiple successful companies focused on sustainability and love.  I have a degree in business administration (focused in science and technology), and serve on multiple non-profit boards. I know how to create new and innovative solutions to any of our society's issues including education, pandemics, and climate change.  I am prepared for any possibility known or unknown. I am not motivated by money or power.  My primary purpose is to create positive changes in our community.  I am prepared to make sacrifices for our people and planet.