About Nicholas Bramlage

About Nicholas

I’m all about love, connection, community, and sustainability. I was tested in March 2020 when I sourced, purchased, and gave away masks to the local community and businesses – in one week! Read full details on the how I helped page . I wouldn’t have been able to do that without my extensive life experience, having some experience in almost every aspect of society allows me to see the full picture and take action.

My journey to who I am today: 

● I have faced and triumphed over extensive adversity through out my life.  People used to say "He has a lot of heart".  I now know that means I have grit and will never give up no matter how many times I get knocked down or set back.  I always keep pushing forward.
● Martial Arts Instuctor (Gracie Jiu-jitsu) – Training, fighting, and teaching for over 20 years instilled me with values that I hope to use in serving others. I am able to think clearly in the midst of chaos, and more importantly take action, which comes with discipline and training.
When faced with the unknown, pressure, or fear, my mind calms and becomes laser-focused on solving problems logically, and taking action. 40,000 hours of training taught me the importance of preparation and the power of panic: one can prevent the other and preparation is everything.
● Small Business Owner & Social Entrepreneur – after my degree in Business Administration, I threw myself into building successful companies that are committed to making a change. Did you know that you can make socks from recycled plastic https://exfacio.com ? I know, right?
● Community-minded – I serve on multiple non-profit boards and always look for ways to contribute to my community.  I am an active member of the LGBTQA+, addiction, homelessness, and mental health communities. We’re stronger together!
● Environmental focus – whether I’m creating a company to recycle plastic, buying an electric car, or making sure I recycle and shop sustainably in my personal life, my priority has always been the environment and ways we can keep our planet clean and beautiful.

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