We need leaders who can see the future. Leaders that will take the risks and put in the hard work to build it. The government can not rely solely on outside sources to create innovation and progressive change. We need elected officials that are innovative leaders, such as myself! The future is not how it was in the past at an ideal time. The future is not how it is currently with everything functioning perfect. The future is new and different where the benefits far outway the present and past. The future is never perfect. It is constant problem solving to create new and better solutions to our societies problems as they present themselves. We will take a new and different path forward. We will create progress.

Have you ever heard or said “If i knew when i was younger, what i know now”. This phrase should not exist. It is a clear sign that the current state of education is not what it should be or what it could be. There is something missing. We do not want the same education system we have had for centuries, with small changes. We will create a new style of education more fluid, well rounded, and with immediate applications in society. Education is a basic necessity for every human. Education is important for creating value for the people of Hartford and Vermont in the future. We will create the education systems that progressive businesses look for when they move to an area and what young and talented individuals seek out when deciding where to live and start families. We will empower our children to be creative and innovative. We will prepare our children mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically to participate in creating a progressive society before college, before high school, immediately. We will lead the way forward and serve as an example to the rest of Vermont and the Nation. We will update our already reasonable curriculum so that all our students are prepared to build a better future. We will create core classes in self actualization at every grade level immediately. In addition we will create opportunities for our children to do society improving work, in every field, and at all grade levels. We will create a free online accredited state college in Vermont. That is accessible to all!

We will protect the pristine vermont land, water, and air from all sources of pollution. We will create an environment that promotes the use of innovation to create closed loop systems that are sustainable. We will engage with the leading technology companies and scientists. We will make sure every bit of waste we use is recycled or repurposed. All products can be made from upcycled or recycled raw materials. These materials are viable substitutes often superior, widely available, and cheap. We will create incentives for personal solar, commercial solar, and electric vehicles. We will take small risks testing and implementing new and innovative solutions. The definition of progress is doing something new and different. If we do not test new solutions we will never progress. Such as creating roads out of recycled plastic. Start with a driveway, move to a small road, move to a larger road, and finally all roads.

With a strong education system we can offer incentives to tech companies that share values with Vermont. Incentives and our improved education system will bring the best proggressive companies on the planet to Vermont. In turn creating new, traditional and tech, jobs to boost the economy. The new tech jobs will purchase the amazing local products of Hartford and Vermont which will create new jobs and increased revenue for our traditional job markets.

We will engage with the leading technology companies and scientists on new initiatives in every area of government. We will take small risks testing and implementing new and innovative solutions to our issues in Hartford. We will create small scalable models for progress. Then we will grow those models building a community that we can all equally and passionately take part in.

We will create a new progressive criminal justice system. Rehabilitation for all drug related non-violent crimes. Rehabilitation communities with inpatient terms, in an environment that is conducive to recovery. These communities will also house the homeless and help all the residents successfully transition and reintegrate into society. Focus is on education/self actualization and finding a job after. If people are overly violent then they are transferred to prison. Our prisons will have rehabilitation programs focused on successfully transitioning and reintegrating people into society.

We will crush the disgusting opiod epidemic. We will have reparations for all the death and chaos caused by this plague. We will legalize the sale and recreational use of marijuana and cannabinoids. Prescribing marijuana in place of opiods.  CBD and other cannabinoids can replace anxiety medications like Xanax. Marijuana will be taxed to create additional state revenue. While simultaneously increasing tourism revenue for the craft marijuana market. Also bringing in new businesses and residents that understand the value of marijuana.

We will raise the universal health care coverage gradually over time. We will start with moving the total coverage income level from 10k per year to 15k and under per year. Then 20k and finally 30k. After these income levels generally employers supply healthcare to workers at greatly reduced rates. We will however eventually continue all the way to every income level as funds become available.