Why Nicholas Bramlage

Why Nicholas?

The thought of running first occurred to me after sourcing and distributing masks in March 2020. “If I was able to solve what was perceived as an impossible problem in one week, imagine the other positive changes are actually not impossible”. Maybe I should take a more active part in government and create change on a larger scale. And here we are.

I am donating most of my government salary to local charities, non-profits, and activist groups that address social justice, homelessness, addiction, and survival/trauma. Why? Because I know that one person can’t do it all and I choose to invest and empower those who are already on the ground doing the work every day. I want to create a government that supports and empowers us, so we do not have to sacrifice our passion in order to survive.

Together we can create the changes Hartford, Vermont needs while preserving the beautiful local environment, food, art, music, and farm culture we all love!

What my beliefs are / how I want to make a difference:

1. Innovative Leadership -  For my most innovative ideas please reach out and contact me directly :)

We need leaders who are innovative and can see the future. Not the future of “how it was in the past” and not the future of “perfect” because there is no such thing. The future is a constant adaptation to changing lifestyles and it requires innovative leaders that understand how to create change. In order to greatly improve our lives and that of our children, from the small farms that are the heart blood of Vermont to our cities based around higher education communities.  someone who is good at continually problem solving and finding better solutions to problems as they arise. Someone like me. Together, we will create progress.

2. Education that empowers / Free Online State College -

You’ve heard of the saying “If I knew what I know now” … this phrase should not exist. But it does due to the current state of education which is the same as we’ve had for centuries. Technology changed, medicine changed, people changed. Education remained the same. It’s a basic necessity for every human and I want to create systems that will have more fluid, well rounded, and immediate applications. The ones that progressive businesses look for when they move to an area. The ones that young and talented individuals seek out when deciding where to live and start families. Few ways I plan to do that:

a. Empower our children to be creative and innovative
b. Prepare children mentally, emotionally, and socially to participate in creating a progressive society, ideally before they reach high school
c. Update our already reasonable curriculum to include more mindfulness. Create core classes in self-actualization at every grade level, starting in elementary school
e. Create opportunities for children to get involved in work that improves and benefits the society, in every field and every grade level
f. Create a free online accredited state college in Vermont that’s accessible to all

With a strong education system, we can offer incentives to tech companies that share Vermont values. This will bring progressive companies to our home state, which will create new, traditional and tech jobs to boost the economy. We will lead the way forward and serve as an example to the rest of Vermont and the Nation.

3. Protect Vermont’s natural resources -

Protecting our pristine fields, water, and air from all sources of pollution will make our home state cleaner and healthier to live in. The definition of progress is doing something new and different. If we don’t test new
solutions, we will never progress. Some ways I want to protect Vermont:

a. Create an environment that promotes the use of closed loop systems that are sustainable
b. Make all products from up-cycled or recycled raw materials which are often superior, widely available, and cheaper
c. Create incentives for personal solar, commercial solar, and electric vehicles.  Engage with leading tech companies and scientists

Sustainable solutions and creative ways of recycling will reduce pollution and trash in Vermont and even beyond. We can start with small tests and reduce risk while implementing new and innovative solutions. For example, let’s create roads out of recycled plastic - start with a driveway, move to a small road, and then a larger road, and finally all roads.

4. Progressive Criminal Justice System -

Creating rehabilitation communities, to house the homeless and non-violent criminals, focused on the educating and reintegrating people into society is critical for advancement..  Whether it’s rehabilitation for drug related or other non-violent crimes, it’s crucial that the environment is conducive to recovery.  Only violent offenders will be imprisoned.

5. Legalize and regulate the sale of marijuana and eliminate the opiod Epidemic -

The opiod epidemic is affecting all of our communities and creating unnecessary deaths and chaos. I plan to legalize the sale and recreational use of Cannabis and cannabinoids. Cannabis/CBD/THC is an acceptable substitute for opioids, xanax, and other similar medications in many cases. Taxing Cannabis products create additional local and state revenue. This would also increase tourism revenue, around the craft cannabis market, bringing in new businesses and residents that understand the value of cannabis.  Additionally decreasing crime with a reduction in opiod usage.

6. Universal Healthcare Coverage -

Gradually and over time, starting with total coverage of income levels of 10k, 15k, 20k, and finally 30k. For incomes higher than this, employers generally already provide full coverage for free or at greatly reduced rates.

7. Social Justice: Minority / Black / LGBTQA++++ -

I am a proud member of the community and fully support equality for marginalized groups.  I am pledging $15,000 of my government salary to groups supporting our community.

8. Infrastructure -

The upkeep of infrastructure is incredibly important.  Though just keeping the old infrastructure in working order is not enough, using the newest technology to make our infrastructure better then it has ever been is the goal we must achieve.  Recycled plastic roads,  Statewide satellite based high speed internet, transitioning to solar,  and converting gas powered engines to all electric motors and much more...